Giving Orange County’s Youth a Chance

OC GRIP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that supports the initiatives of the GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership) program in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. This program has more than 200 partners in 13 cities, including police departments, probation departments and more than 100 private businesses and non-profit organizations. Over the last four years, through a partnership with selected schools that are at-risk for gang violence, GRIP has put thousands of kids between 8 and 12 years old through their program.
Only students who attend a pre-selected OC GRIP school can participate in the program offerings.
In Orange County, there are more than 13,000 documented gang members. Orange County Gang Experts agree the average age that kids are pressured to join a criminal gang is from 8 to 14 years old. In most cases, the first crime committed by these minors is truancy. Many of the students receiving GRIP services live in neighborhoods controlled by criminal street gangs. Residents in gang communities live in constant fear of random violence and crimes committed by the gang members. A majority of the GRIP students report to the team that they have been terrorized by gang members and have no self-confidence or hope for their futures.

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“I spent most of my career putting people in jail. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with a program where I get to send kids to college instead.”

— Detective K.R., GRIP

GRIP by the Numbers


Parents, students, educators and community leaders completing gang prevention education courses


Families per year personally assisted with truancy issues


Reduction of student expulsions in one school


Students earned entry to professional sporting events as a result of achieving perfect school attendance


Schools Countywide


Cities Throughout Orange County


Community Partners


Affiliate Police Departments


Over 2,000 Teachers Mentoring Students

4,000 +

Parents Attending Monthly Meetings

What Your Support Makes Possible

In addition to the law enforcement-led components of the program, which are funded by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, OC GRIP conducts a series of community-oriented campaigns which are essential to the overall success of the program. These programs are a result of the partnership between select schools that are at-risk in the county and law enforcement and community partners. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer of fundraiser, opportunities are listed on the Contact Us page. Your support of OC GRIP goes towards the following:

Student & Family Support Fund

The OC GRIP Student & Family Support Fund enables us to provide the following vital services to students and families in OC GRIP communities:

  • One-on-one intensive counseling and tutoring for at-risk youth
  • Case and program management professionals
  • Emergency relief and rapid response efforts for families in crisis
  • Incentive programs for at-risk students

Volunteer Mentor Programs

Our volunteer mentor programs are fueled by the personal efforts of community and school faculty volunteers. Your support enables us to carry out the following:

  • Recruitment and training of community volunteers
  • Mentor training
  • Retention programs

Community Outreach & Awareness Program

Support of our Community Outreach & Awareness Program enables us to reach out to the community to increase awareness of gang activity, providing essential training for parents, children, faculty and community members. Our outreach efforts include:

  • Education seminars
  • Promotion and dissemination of OC GRIP information
  • Anti-gang awareness campaigns in key communities
  • Volunteer recruitment efforts

Volunteer Mentor Programs

Our volunteer mentor programs are fueled by the personal efforts of community and school faculty volunteers. Your support enables us to carry out the following:

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GRIP Serves the Following Communities

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