Our Mission

To prevent targeted at-risk minors from joining criminal street gangs and enable them to graduate from high school free from destructive criminal behavior.

“I spent most of my career putting people in jail. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with a program where I get to send kids to college instead.” — Detective K.R., GRIP

Uniting families, faculty and the community

The Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership, or GRIP program was initiated in 2008 by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, in conjunction with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Aimed at fostering a collaborative, community-based approach to gang reduction, the program is unique from all other anti-gang efforts in the county.

Having identified the specific social factors that predispose youth to gang life, the program and its partners work to intervene and take effective action well before a child’s first crime is committed.

The GRIP program is predicated on the simple but powerful concept that a community must work together to provide its youth with opportunities to succeed, and that by uniting families, teachers and community leaders, the social forces that breed gang formation can be effectively combatted.

GRIP is school-based program. Participating schools are selected or targeted by local law enforcement agencies, based on prevalence of gang activity and violence in the surrounding community.

GRIP does not work with gang members, but works with 4th through 8th grade students in the targeted schools who have displayed behavior indicating risk for later gang involvement.

Today GRIP works with law enforcement officials and community partners in 13 cities to serve 50 schools. It’s over 200 partners include police departments, probation departments and more than 100 private businesses and non-profit organizations all throughout Orange County.