GRIP by the Numbers

The GRIP program has seen tremendous success in a short period of time. It has proven extremely effective in the increase of school attendance rates and average test scores. It has brought about significant reduction of school expulsion rates and even helped to reduce crime rates in neighborhoods surrounding targeted schools.


Parents, students, educators and community leaders completing gang prevention education courses


Families per year personally assisted with truancy issues


Reduction of student expulsions in one school


Students earned entry to professional sporting events as a result of achieving perfect school attendance


Schools Countywide


Cities Throughout Orange County


Community Partners


Affiliate Police Departments


Over 2,000 Teachers Mentoring Students

4,000 +

Parents Attending Monthly Meetings

Other GRIP Program Accomplishments Include:

  • Over 2,000 Orange County parents actively volunteering for the Parent Greeter Program
  • Following a GRIP truancy sweep, Walter Elementary School in Stanton went from being the school with the worst attendance in the district to the school with the best attendance – in just one year.
  • Marco Forster Middle School went from over 900 unexcused absences in a year to just 90 after the GRIP program was implemented.
  • Each participating GRIP school has received an average of up to $35,000 of increased Average Daily Attendance funding from the State of California after GRIP truancy sweeps were implemented.
  • More than 400 parents and students are contacted each year through Strike Team interventions. Over 65% of these most at-risk children dramatically improve their grades and attendance.
  • Crime in neighborhoods surrounding GRIP schools has decreased up to 30%
  • More than 3,500 parents across 42 schools attend monthly GRIP Parents Supporting Parents meetings
  • Attendance has increased significantly in all GRIP targeted schools with a coinciding decrease in suspensions and expulsions.
  • Following GRIP truancy sweeps, attendance improved an average of 90% across all GRIP targeted schools.
  • One school saw an 89% decrease in student expulsions
  • 850 at-risk students have earned and been rewarded with Thanksgiving dinners for their families
  • More than 2,000 students earned VIP entry to an Anaheim Angels baseball game as a reward for achieving perfect school attendance
  • More than 3,000 students earned entry to a Chivas USA game as a reward for perfect attendance and improved grades.
  • More than 500 students have participated in Spring Break soccer camps, led by law enforcement officers and community leaders
  • More than 60 students in San Juan Capistrano are receiving home assistance, free taekwondo classes and support from local law enforcement and community leaders